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Music Theory results – update 6 April

Practical Exams Update - Turkey

Refund Update - We will shortly contact all applicants by email to request their bank account details for processing refunds for the cancelled exams. Refunds may take up to 2 months to process and we are aiming to process all refunds by the end of December 2020 latest. Please bear with us as we have a high number of refunds to process from both practical sessions in 2020. Thank you for your patience.

We appreciate how much the cancellation of our exams has affected learners and we are working hard on solutions to ensure learners can gain their qualifications at the earliest opportunity.

However, on the basis of official UK Government advice, due to Covid-19, ABRSM has made the decision to cancel all Practical Exams in Turkey until further notice. This decision affects all 2020 Practical Exams, ARSM and Diplomas. Following this decision, we will process refunds for all existing exam bookings and we will provide further detailed guidance on this process including timescales soon.

We are sorry for the impact on teachers and candidates and thank you for your loyalty and support while these restrictions remain in place. We are continuing to review when live Practical and Music Theory exams can resume in Turkey and will offer them again at the earliest possible opportunity. We would also like to thank our Representative in Turkey for their support during this very challenging time and their efforts in rescheduling exams which have now been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Our new remotely-assessed Performance Grades provide  an alternative progression route for students during this period of disruption. The Performance Grades are equivalent to our Practical Grades in demand, recognition and value. They are based on the same repertoire and syllabuses, assessment criteria and quality assurance measures as our existing exams and will be assessed by the same highly trained examiners. Booking will open in Turkey before the end of the year and you can record your video submission any time from now on. Find out more here.

Our new online service for exams from 2020 - FAQs

Access to pre-2020 exam records

- Why can’t I access my pre-2020 exam records anymore?
- What will happen to my previous exam records?
- How can I access these records?
- What about records of exams taken from 2020 onwards?

Booking online

- What can I do if I don’t want to book exams online?

Creating your new ABRSM account

- How can I create my new account?
- Why do I need to register and create a new ABRSM online account?
- When and how can I register and create my new account?
- Can I still use my existing Applicant Number?
- What is a Contact ID?
- Why do candidates need an account?
- How does a candidate set up an account?
- Why do I need to tell you my date of birth when I register?
- My child has an account as a candidate. Can I use this account to book their exams?
- I've forgotten my username. What should I do?
- I’ve forgotten my password. What should I do?
How do I change the email address registered to my online account?

Booking exams – candidate details

- Why do you need to know a candidate's date of birth?
- Why are you asking for a candidate's email address?
- What does ‘Presenter’ mean?

Booking all exams at Public Venues

- What's a Public Venue?
- What’s the booking period?

Booking practical exams at Public Venues

- Can I indicate a preference for the time for an exam, such as morning or afternoon, or choose a particular time?
- Why can’t I choose a time as well as the date when I book?
- Can I book different candidates on different dates or at different venues?
- Can I phone up to check if there are any other dates available?
- When do I find out the time of my candidate's exam?
- Will I be able to book all my candidates together?
- What if there's not enough time for all my candidates on one day?
- Will all my candidates be grouped together?
- Can I choose the order for my candidates’ exam appointments?
- Can I change the order of my candidates if they are taking their exams together on the same day?
- What happens if I miss the booking period? - Can I make a late entry?
- What should I do if there are certain dates that my candidate(s) can't do?

Rescheduling practical exams at Public Venues

- How can I change a practical exam appointment?
- Can I still phone up or email to change an appointment?
- When can I log in to change an appointment?
- Are there any restrictions on the day I can move an exam to?
- My pupil's exam is tomorrow and they can't make it? What can I do?
- I can’t find a suitable alternative date. What can I do?
- Can I change the order of my candidates if they are taking their exams together on the same day?
- My candidate’s exam is in the morning. Can I move it to the afternoon on the same day?

Booking Music Theory exams at Public Venues

- What happens if I miss the booking period? Can I make a late entry?

Booking exams at Private Visits

- What's a Private Visit?
- What’s a Visit Organiser?
- What’s a Permitted Applicant?
- What’s a Venue Code?
- Why do I need to request approval for my venue?
- I’ve organised a visit before. Do I still need to request approval?
- What time can I start my Private Visit?
- What’s the deadline for booking candidates at a practical Private Visit?
- When can I rearrange my practical Private Visit timetable?

Booking exams - Jazz

- Where and when can candidates take Jazz exams?
- Can I include Jazz exams at my Private Visit?

Booking exams – payments

- How can I pay for my exams?

Cancellations and amendments

- What if my candidate is unwell or going to be absent?
- Can I cancel an exam once I’ve booked and paid for it?
- How do I cancel an exam?
- Can I amend a candidate's details (name, instrument, grade or access arrangements) once I've booked and paid for their exam?

Results and mark forms

- Why are you introducing digital mark forms for practical exams?
- What will the new mark forms look like?
- What about certificates?

In the exam

- Why are you audio recording the exams?
- Will the recording process disturb or distract the candidates?
- Can my candidates opt out of having their exam audio recorded?
- Who will have access to the recordings?
- What about the camera in the iPad?


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