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Performance Grade exams

We are pleased to confirm that we will be offering Performance Grade exams every month for the remainder of 2021. Please check our Dates and Fees page for details.

Grade 5 Music Theory waiver (not applicable in the UK & Ireland)

We are extending our Grade 5 Music Theory waiver until 23 May 2021. This means that candidates with a Grade 6 to 8 Performance Grade exam submission date up to and including 23 May can take their exam without first passing Grade 5 Music Theory. We are making this exceptional arrangement to allow candidates who have been unable to take an exam in recent months to progress with their learning. From 24 May, the Grade 5 Music Theory requirement will return. For exam dates/exam submission dates after 23 May, all candidates taking a Grade 6 to 8 Performance or Practical Grade must first pass Grade 5 Music Theory.

To provide a more candidate-friendly experience, we will be moving the assessment of Music Theory at Grades 1 to 5 to an online exam.

With a focus on creating a more reliable and accessible assessment, our new Online Music Theory assessments give candidates the best opportunity to demonstrate their musical knowledge and understanding.



第1套 乐理样卷

乐理试题 第1 级 样卷X 七月2017

乐理试题 第2 级 样卷X 七月2017

乐理试题 第3 级 样卷X 七月2017

乐理试题 第4 级 样卷X 七月2017

乐理试题 第5 级 样卷X 七月2017

第1套 参考答案

乐理试题 第1 级 样卷X 参考答案

乐理试题 第2 级 样卷X 参考答案

乐理试题 第3级 样卷X 参考答案

乐理试题 第4级 样卷X 参考答案

乐理试题 第5级 样卷X 参考答案

第2套 乐理样卷

乐理试题 第1 级 样卷Y 七月2017

乐理试题 第2 级 样卷Y 七月2017

乐理试题 第3 级 样卷Y 七月2017

乐理试题 第4 级 样卷Y 七月2017

乐理试题 第5 级 样卷Y 七月2017

第2套 参考答案

乐理试题 第1 级 样卷Y 参考答案

乐理试题 第2 级 样卷Y 参考答案

乐理试题 第3级 样卷Y 参考答案

乐理试题 第4级 样卷Y 参考答案

乐理试题 第5级 样卷Y 参考答案


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